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Background of Founding

The hydrographic service in Japan was started in 1871. Over a long period of time, shipping circles in Japan have made steady and remarkable progress, however, the need is now arising for more sufficient hydrographic services, that is, further development of techniques in hydrography and supply of a wider variety of nautical charts and publications.

More recently, ocean exploitation and environmental assessment have become the important national projects to be promoted, and these have created afresh a necessity for consolidation and expansion of holdings of basic scientific data concerning the ocean and their more effective utilization by analyses. Meanwhile, the needs for hydrographic surveys and oceanographic observations are increasing year after year, and there is a keen demand for raising the technical levels of private firms which are engaging in these operations.

In the circumstances, it has become fully realized that the hydrographic services by the government alone can no longer cope sufficiently with these various necessities. Indeed, it is an urgent task to make practical applications of basic data to the increasing demand and to take a timely step as the occasion demands for hydrographic services. In view of this situation, the Japan Hydrographic Association was founded in March 1971.

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