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How to purchase Charts

Nautical & Aeronautical Charts and Publications

Nautical Charts and publications, such as sailing directions, list of lights, notices to mariners, tide tables and other nautical publications necessary for the safety of navigation are published by Japan Coast Guard (JCG) and distributed by Japan Hydrographic Association (JHA).

About the charts and Publications published by JCG

Nautical Charts, Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), Bathymetric Charts, Miscellaneous Charts, Sailing Directions and Aeronautical Charts

Nautical Charts and Publications published by JCG

Charts and Publications published by JHA

Maritime Traffic Information Charts (MTICs), Yachting Charts (in Japanese), Small Craft Guides (in Japanese) and Personal Electronic Reference Chart (PEC)(in Japanese)

List of Charts and Publications published by JCG and JHA

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JHA Distributors

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC)

Notice: Although JHA Distributors distribute Nautical Publications published by Japan Coast Guard, some of the above publications (e.g. JHA publications) is not available from certain distributors.

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