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Chart Correction Tracings

Chart Correction Tracings

In order to maintain the contents of charts up-to-date, it is necessary to correct the contents with hand or by pasting correction blocks attached to the end of Notices to Mariners.

To make such hand correction faster and easier, JHA offers "Chart Correction Tracings" (A4 size) once a week on every Friday. On the Tracings those items to be corrected (to enter, rewrite, delete or move) are drawn, and by simply pasting the Tracings on the affected portion of the chart, the chart correction can be made.

Although the Tracings show indications both in Japanese and English languages, the paper cover separately shows Japanese version and English version.
Sample (PDF)

Product List

PRICE (without tax)

Order for single product 1 copy 700 yen
Annual lump-sum purchase 35,000 yen (700 yen x 50 weeks)

Please inqurie about the delivery method and the delivery charge.

* Please order here.

* At the time of purchasing NtM, a questionnaire will be displayed, in which the customer is kindly requested to enter such information as, e.g. No. and quantity of the product(s) desired.


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