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Meaning of Terms on this Shop

Products on Demand

At this Shop, there are such products whose contents (data period, sea coverage, etc.) and the price will be fixed after accepting the customer's demand. This kind of product is called as "Products on Demand". In the case where your order includes "Products on Demand", the flow of procedure for purchasing the product will be as follows:

  1. Order
  2. Shop staff in charge will confirm the customer's request.
  3. Shop staff will inform the customer of completion of estimate.
  4. The customer will confirm the estimate (breakdown, price, delivery & handling charges) and place the order.
  5. Settlement of payment / delivery of products

In case of "Products on Demand", settlement of payment with a credit card or at a convenience store (in Japan) is also available.

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User Permit

"User Permit" is the code number (in 28 alphanumeric characters) to be used exclusively for the instrument or software compatible to display Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), which is to be notified when the instrument or software is purchased.

On the display for purchasing ENC, this User Permit is asked to enter so that the customer is requested to be ready to use it.
(Note: Any customer having no User Permit cannot apply for use of ENC.)

Recommend: To register User Registration with User Permit and Login before ordering ENC.
The following privilege functions become effective at the time of login (any guest user cannot use these functions):

  • A cell at your hand can be displayed on the map.
  • The contract term and price of a cell in the shopping cart are automatically calculated on the basis of the cell at your hand.
  • Duplicate purchasing is prevented.

(Please feel free from anxiety as checking of these items will be performed manually later for unregistered users.)

Remarks: One User Registration per one User Permit. Register User Registration under every User Permit. Thank you.

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Serial No.

This is described on the face of CD of Personal Electronic Reference Chart (PEC).
Ser No xxxxx

The Serial No. is different according to the product, and will be required at the time of inquiring and purchasing an upgraded version.