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Procedure for Ordering

A customer who has not yet been registered as User is first asked to proceed to the User Registration from the login screen. Although a product can be purchased by a guest user without User Registration, it is recommended to the customer to have User Registration in order to use the Chart Web more conveniently and smoothly.

  1. Choose a product and put it into a cart.
    Confirm the content of product from the screen of maps or product details, and put it into the cart by clicking "Add to cart".
  2. Confirm the cart contents.
    Click "View cart" and confirm the product(s) in the cart, and proceed to placing an order. Any adjustment of quantity of product(s) can be made on this screen.
    * In case where an estimate is required before ordering, click "Go to request for estimate".
    * In case of not registering as User, click "Order without User Registration"
  3. To login (in case of not logged in yet).
    In case where login has not yet been made, a login screen is displayed where the customer is requested to login.
    The customer who has clicked [Order without User Registration] is requested to input the personal information on the screen displayed for this purpose.
  4. Input User Permit and Serial No. (In case of purchasing PEC and/or ENC).
  5. Input delivery Information and payment Information.
  6. Reply to questionnaire (in case of ordering the product for which reply to questionnaire is requested).
    In case of ordering the product for which reply to questionnaire is requested, items of questionnaire are displayed and the customer is asked for cooperation in replying to the inquiries.
  7. Confirm the Contents and Place Order.
  8. Order completed.
    Please confirm whether Automatic Reply is arrived at your register e-mail address. Otherwise your order is not successful.

In case of including "Products on Demand"

In order to deliver a product so as to comply with the customer's demand, "Products on Demand" are also available in this Shop, where a settlement of payment cannot be made at the time of placing the order. When your order includes such "Products on Demand", the flow of procedure to purchase the product is as follows:

  1. Order.
  2. Shop staff in charge will confirm the customer's request.
  3. Shop staff will inform the customer of completion of quotation.
  4. The customer will confirm the quotation and place the order.
  5. Settlement of payment / delivery of products.

In case of "Products on Demand", settlement of payment with a credit card or at a convenience store (in Japan) is also available.

Questionnaire on Purchase (For Digital Data)

At this Shop, there are some products for which a questionnaire is requested for reply from the customer. Your kind cooperation in replying to the questionnaire is highly appreciated.

The contents replied to the questionnaire will be strictly controlled in accordance with our "Privacy Policy".

*Products for which reply to the questionnaire is requested.
Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), Personal Electronic Reference Chart (PEC), Digital Data Products such as Bathymetric Topography Digital Data (M7000 Series and M5000 Series), JHA 5/15 Coastline Mesh Depth Data, Tide Mesh Estimation Data, and etc.
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Maximum of Ordering

At this Shop the maximum in quantity of one item is 20.

One order should be under 300,000 yen all included, such as tax, various charges. However, this limit will not be applied to the case of settlement of payment by bank transfer (advance payment).

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Procedure of Request for Estimate

*Only for the customer with User Registration
The flow of procedure for making an estimate of the product will be as follows:

  1. Request for Estimate
    For a customer in need of an estimate, select [Proceed to Request for Estimate] on the Shopping Cart screen.
    For details, view Procedure for Ordering.
  2. Shop staff in charge will confirm the customer's request.
    To be e-mailed.
  3. Shop staff will inform the customer of completion of estimate.
    To be e-mailed. The customer with User Registration can confirm the existing status from "Your Account" screen after login.
  4. The customer will confirm the estimate (breakdown, price, delivery & handling charges) and place the order.
    The customer with User Registration is asked to confirm the contents of estimate from"Your Ac count" [View/Change Estimate/Place Order] after login. When the contents are correct, proceed to the purchasing procedure.
  5. Settlement of payment / delivery of products

Issue Estimate

A customer in need of a quotation is requested to proceed to "Procedure for askingquotation" after selecting the products to order. After inputting the address for delivery and method of payment, indicate "Quotation is desired" in the box for comment and request.